Frequently Asked Pressure Washing Questions - Answered By Fresh Look Exterior Llc


How Often Should I Get My House Washed?

It depends. Performing pressure washing on your home's exterior annually can sustain its appearance and increase the surface's life. However, if your house requires basic exterior upkeep, once a year could suffice. Our Pressure washers in Central Indiana will be glad to assist you with setting up a maintenance schedule that suits your needs.


What's The Difference Between Your Services And Me Just Buying A Diy Pressure Washer?

Choosing to do it yourself might be the right choice for some items, but not your home. A pressure washer is an incredibly powerful machine. However, the wrong type of detergent or methods can damage your home's siding, paint and trim-leaving you to handle the repairs. Alternatively, a professional pressure washing service has the power, experience, and expertise to use the right tools to effectively clean your home's exterior. We can help you remove organic stains and dirt on your home's exterior walls and have years of experience in doing so.


Is pressure washing safe for all surfaces?

Pressure washing is a highly effective method for cleaning a wide variety of outdoor surfaces, including concrete driveways, brick walls, and vinyl siding. However, it's important to note that not all surfaces can withstand the high pressure used in this cleaning method.

While hard, sturdy materials like concrete and brick can typically handle high-pressure washing, softer or more delicate surfaces can be damaged by the intense force. This includes surfaces such as wood decks, painted surfaces, stained wood, asphalt roofs, and certain types of landscaping. These surfaces may require a gentler approach, like soft washing, which uses lower pressure and often incorporates a cleaning solution.

Furthermore, even with harder surfaces, it's vital to use the correct techniques and the right amount of pressure to avoid causing damage. Too much pressure can etch concrete, remove paint, or damage brick mortar. If you're not experienced with pressure washing, it may be beneficial to hire a professional who can correctly adjust the settings on the pressure washer and use the appropriate techniques for each surface. This valuable information was provided by Spartan Power Washing & Home Service!


Is It Safe For My Kids Or Pets To Play Outside After You Finish With Pressure Washing?

Great Question! Following our house washing service , we suggest you wait until the area has dried before letting pets or young children play in the area. This is because the wet areas around your property can cause your children to slip or your pets to track dirt where your home has just been professionally cleaned. Fresh Look Exterior LLC values your family's safety and wants your home to look great for a long time after our service.


I Have Old, Set In Stains. Does Your Service Clean Those Up?

Absolutely! When you need to improve the aesthetic appeal of any part of your property, Fresh Look Exterior LLC is the company to call. Our expert pressure washing services can help reduce the appearance of ugly set-in stains from your home or business.

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